LYS is a river that starts its journey to the sea from a glacier in the Alps at 4215 meters.


LYS is also a studio that stretches between design and media, embracing both.


LYS is water, and like water it adapts. It joins other streams, merging – to become greater.


LYS welcomes different energies and personalities, who come together to work in the same direction.


LYS flows forward, it is a current – always in motion and of the now.





Founded and led by Matteo Fiorini and Ivan Zazzali, the studio flows between creative strategies, exhibition, and communication projects.


Current studio members: Alessandra Leonardi, Carlotta Manzeni, Fabio Mario Rizzotti, Federica Wetzl, Giulia Fazio, Rachele de Pamphilis.


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Art Direction, Interior Design, Product Design